Vistaterra is experience and emotions, where nature, science and beauty meet up to ensure a unique experience made up of encounters, discovery and new awareness.

A completely sustainable location, created to fully respect the planet and people, where tourism understands the origin, the secrets of quality food and wine, somewhere to spend leisure time, do sport, learn, discover or simply enjoy contact with the nature that is all around Vistaterra.

We are proud to open the doors to our Castle and show you what we have achieved so far. Vistaterra aims to be the feather in the cap of the relaunch of the Canavese area and its natural, cultural, anthropic and historical heritage. Here, agricultural tradition has co-existed with an inherent, unique inclination to innovation. Our commitment is to create a virtuous model of recuperation of excellences, of enhancement of local tradition and entrepreneurial skills, through what we believe in: ethics, beauty, sustainability and the art of good living, while fully respecting nature and people.

We want to leave this a more harmonious place for future generations.

Graziano Cimadom, President and Founder of Vistaterra