A virtuous circle with the land

OPENING HOURS: Every evening
from 7.00 am to 11.00 pm

from 12.30 pm to 14.00 pm

from 7 pm to 10.30 pm

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Our chefs know the provenance of every ingredient they present you, supporting a local community of producers. It shows in the flavour of the food beginning with the lightest homemade sourdough focaccia, using heritage grains, served with extra virgin olive oil from the Canavese hills.

Lunch can be as casual as a panini with local prosciutto and the rich creamy Fontina cheese from the Aosta Valley. There might be sweet and crunchy home pickled vegetables, Piedmont goat’s curd, fresh fried pike from nearby lakes and Gnocchi with hemp, ‘cana’, which reminds us of Canavese’s revival of its namesake harvests.

The centrepiece of the restaurant is a bar where convivial tenders shake up cocktails inspired by anything fresh from Vistaterra’s gardens and handmade infusions. Behind the bar is a secret door to a tiny and ancient chamber that was occupied by a proselytising holy nun in the 17th century who confined herself to solitary prayer, a rather mysterious corner of this historic castle.

The terrace overlooks the vineyards and a sweep of land leading down to the bio lake. A calming scene for an aromatic coffee sourced from the best Slowfood pro-ducers, take along a book from the Café library.

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