Architecture, pieces of art, installations and temporary exhibitions for an immersive experience

We offer the beauty of art in private exhibitions curated by Ferrero Gallery who have forged a distinguished reputation with collaborative exhibitions in Rome, Milan and Turin.

Art at Vistaterra is a series of events and showcases throughout Parella Castle from Alessio I to our frescoed spaces.

We feature many leading Italian artists in a rotation of exhibitions throughout the year. Guests will see work by Anna Russo, who carves the words of literary and philosophical observations into cement and acrylics on canvas. Massimo Ghiotti who synthesises ‘all the vocabulary of modern sculpture’. The avant-garde Alfredo Rapetti Mogol, who ‘stitches’ together paintings and words.  Barbara Nejrotti, the artist who replaced the brush with the needle. Riccardo Gusmaroli whose versatile body of work is invariably formed by his photographic background, from monochrome cartography to carved white egg shells.