Electric assisted e-bike tour through the gorgeous Canavese hills.

Head to the hills for fabulous views over the raw rustic beauty of Canavese. Vistaterra has two e-bikes available for guests to head straight out on their own rugged adventure. But we will also arranged guided tours on expeditions entirely tailored to your wishes and experience. 

If you want to pump it up the tracks in a day of thrills, they are ready in top gear, tak-ing you up to Serra Morenica to tackle a series of steep slopes and exciting de-scents.

Or perhaps you prefer to take advantage of the ease that electric assisted bikes of-fer, to reach some of the most beautiful look out points in remote Canavese countryside. You can visit interesting sites like S. Stefano, la Maddalena and Ciucarun, or circumnavigate the mirrored beauty of the nearby lakes.