Stroll around the mirrored beauty of the five lakes, Sirio, Pistono, Nero, di Campagna, San Michele.

Ivrea appears as a natural amphitheatre as the heights of the Serra Morenica rise up out of the land. This morainic relief of glacial origin is of significant geological interest, and home to five gently beautiful lakes. Lake Sirio is the largest with approximately three and a half kilometres of shore.

There are numerous trails with the woodland mirrored in the glassy lakes. Stroll or take an e-bike ride to enjoy the panorama from the tops of hills between one lake and the next. On the way you will come to Terre Ballerine a meadow amidst a pretty green wood, this is the land that ‘dances’. As you bounce and jump the surrounding foliage moves with you, an apparently mysterious phenomenon that is explained with the geology.