Eau de Cologne was invented by a Piedmontese in 1714, create your own original fragrance in our Piedmont castle.

This is a multi-sensory experience with essential oils and aromatic plants, to create your own perfume. Gian Maria Farina was born in Piedmont, he created the first cologne in 1714 when he was living in Cologne, Germany, hence he named his perfume after the city.

In this fascinating workshop, a Maître Parfumeur will accompany you on a journey through the history of perfume, pleasantly combined with sensing herbs, spices, essences and infusions. Ultimately participants will blend their favoured essential oils and create their own cologne.

All materials will be provided with essential oils, alcohol, dropper and funnels. At the end of the activity each participant will take home his own perfume bottle with a personalised label. Vistaterra’s own fragrance can be sampled in the Bottega della Cosmesi in our artisans courtyard.