A farm park that is also a centre for research and development for sustainable, innovative agriculture

The heart of Vistaterra is a 12-hectare experiential farm park where work is underway to restore to well-deserved splendour the historic Canavesani Nursery Gardens founded by Adriano Olivetti in the fifties.  Itineraries for exploring, looking, tasting and breathing nature with constantly new emotions, for old and young alike. Here you will find workshops where you can learn, share and live sustainably, respecting the planet and people. New buildings for agricultural, botanical and artisan activity respect the natural ecosystem, with construction principles and natural, recyclable materials that permit a minimum impact on their location site and total reversibility of the work.

The historic vineyard

The vine that today reigns undisputed is Erbaluce di Caluso, completely replanted in 2012, since when it has produced our Erbaluce di Caluso DOCG wine. A part of the vineyard is open to our guests, for walks under the first row of vines and the organisation of private events, while the exclusive rooms in the vineyard are perfect for unforgettable moments immersed in nature.

The Biolake

The park will host the biggest biolake in Piedmont, which, with its 2,500 m² of swimmable water, is a source of reflected light in the Agripark. An oasis of pure relaxation, surrounded by woods and green meadows, for swimming, resting in the shade of secular trees, savouring succulent food in the lakeside restaurant or in the park’s picnic areas.

Opening: 2019

Greenhouses, garden centre, organic vegetable gardens, orchards and laboratories

Innovative greenhouses, organic vegetable gardens, research laboratories for sustainable agriculture, laboratories for processing produce from the land and traditional cheese-making, baked products, preserves for observing and learning. There will also be a craft brewery and a wine cellar for vinification, where we will produce our Erbaluce DOCG.

Opening: 2019

The Canavesani Nursery Gardens: a unique project

It was the early fifties when Adriano Olivetti commissioned Architect Pietro Porcinai with an architectural study of the landscape chosen as the location for the Canavesani Nursery Gardens. Today these 90,000 m² have been rethought, redesigned and adapted, following construction principles that use techniques and natural, recyclable materials.