Here, the ancient rules of the seasons, authenticity and typicality are followed, to allow discovery of unexpected genuine flavours.

To create a complete, top-level food and wine range we only choose quality products from certified production chains, an expression of their land, culture, research, know-how and tradition. We believe that beauty also lies in a study of harmony and we strive to achieve this and provide it in every dish we serve and every recipe.

Restaurant Alessio I

Creative, contemporary dishes that start with meticulous selection of the ingredients, from their origin right along the production chain, accompanied in paths made up of places, people and spirits that believe in the value of the Earth, and in careful and knowledgeable actions.


Devised to allow visitors to enjoy a moment of “slow life” in the company of a coffee, a good book, sipping a tea or a drink with friends. The ideal place for a tasty light meal prepared with care using selected ingredients from producers who, like us, share values of transparency, passion for nature and respect for the environment.

Enoteca Alle Volte

Over 330 wines, selected with the Banca del Vino (Wine Bank), testify to the vine and wine excellences in Piedmont and throughout Italy, for a journey together into the wine culture of this peninsula. The Enoteca offers guided tasting sessions, with relative information and visits to vineyards and wineries.

The Botteghe stores in the Corte dei Mercanti

A tiny jewel at Vistaterra, the Corte dei Mercanti is home to the artisan stores or Botteghe, your chance to take home some of our world.