Vistaterra adds true significance when you make a ‘commitment to the future’.

The soaring walls of this 12th Century Piedmont castle hold a treasure of beautiful settings for your wedding or event; an intimate private chapel, a series of gloriously frescoed rooms, lawns by the vineyards and our entire park.

Not only does Vistaterra surround you in the beauty of nature, but when you share in our sustainable ethos it adds a significance to your commitment to the future, be that a marriage or business partnership. Everything we do, we act with care for our community and countryside, at the same time our team have an exceptional sense of creativity.

They can design an event that will amaze, tailored to your style. Catering and cuisine will be a showcase of the Vistaterra project, with fresh harvests from our kitchen gardens and produce nurtured by our farming partners. All will be transformed by the masterful mind of our Chef.

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