Vistaterra is a glorious green home, reclaimed and revived for all who are interested in a sustainable future.

Vistaterra means ‘view of the land’, which we conserve and nurture for everyone’s pleasure. Within our 12-hectare agricultural park, we have vineyards, a serene bamboo grove, and a naturally purified swimming lake. We invite you to take off your shoes and feel nature beneath your toes.

The Vistaterra project aims to contribute to the revival of Canavese through the development of a sustainable economic and productive ecosystem based on the fusion of a first-rate tourism offer, agricultural produce, innovation and the promotion of the area's excellent food, history, culture and craftsmanship.

The initiative extends to the grounds of approx, which includes the noble park, the Canavesani Nursery Gardens commissioned by Adriano Olivetti in the 1950s and a historic vineyard that was once DOCG, all in need of maintenance and redevelopment.