Our Manifesto of Values


Our aspiration for the preservation of the environment cannot be simply made through the idea of sustainability. By sustainability we understand a virtue, a practical disposition that leads us to preserve our territory by dismissing the logic of mass production, using home-grown resources and working with small producers.


When we talk about tradition, we think of memories, news and historical vestiges left by those who passed before us.

We recover everything so that nothing will be forgotten, and we treasure it for the future, including the cultural and food and farm traditions of the Canavese, that we retrace with local producers who share the same philosophy.

The future

Like each one of us, Vistaterra loves its own territory. This is the reason why we invest in its future with development methods that ensure that the needs of current generations will be met, without compromising the needs of future generations.

This means a future for everyone: for the castle and the agricultural park, for a given entrepreneurial model, for those who take part in it and especially, for those who will come after us.


Respect is a special consideration given to someone or something. And in our case, conceded to the history of the castle, to the territory, to the traditions and so on. In every field of action, Vistaterra applies this respect, understood as care for the condition of things and people. The refurbishment of the castle is an example of it: the same concept applies to the park, regenerated by means of green buildings, and powered by renewable resources.

The commitment

Belonging to Vistaterra means being aware that nothing that matters can be realized without one fundamental ingredient; constant commitment. This is the only way in which individual effort becomes collective energy, necessary to bring to life our great project. To restore an abandoned structure, to enhance a natural area with an important past and to give back perspectives to the territory, could have never been possible without commitment. 


Vistaterra is a microcosm made up of different lives, occupations and skills, all of them oriented towards the same line of ethical behavior. That is why we consider it to be an ethical-system, governed by the balance between indispensable models applied to work and individual inclinations in everyday life.

But then again, could it be possible to engage in, and love such a project without marrying its principles, aspirations and purposes? 


The basis of every activity in Vistaterra is beauty, which for us signifies simultaneously, expression and nourishment. Expression, every time it harmoniously integrates the work of man and the manifestation of nature. Nourishment, because this is the way in which the project nurtures itself; a beauty rediscovered here, and therefore feasible again.

L'art de vivre

The quality we look for also applies to the concept of time, to which we give back the correct value. In addition to the wellness of the body given by a healthy and balanced diet, we take care of the wellness of the mind and of the quality of experiences in our center, recreating every day, the delicate and precious art of good living.