900 years of history

In the 12th Century travellers and traders venturing north stopped on the road to Castellamonte. Here they recovered their horses and revived themselves. Imagine the courtyards a hive of activity, a babble of noise, blacksmiths at work, traders selling wares from all around the country.

In the 14th Century the noble Alessio family of Parella, took over the castle as a country retreat, filling it with luxuries, frescoes and precious floors. This is the rich-ness and beauty we have spent five years restoring.

The castle’s original pitched roof tiles were reinstated one by one, and chimneys were handcrafted following the original design. 14th century tiles were recovered from the attics, restored and relaid in the chapel and Bottegas. When you explore the castle, you will see pockets of historic detail, such as the 30 metre deep wells. Hidden behind one small door in our Caffè Alla Lettera is a nun’s cell. In these two tiny rooms, a few hundred years ago, a saintly woman dedicated her life to prayer in seclusion.

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