A beautifully clear conscience

Vistaterra’s vision is to add more to our countryside and community than we take out so naturally we are never careless with the details. Vistaterra literally means ‘view of the land’, and we want that to be a beautiful view. We really believe that we can achieve a good business, while doing good.

While regenerating Parella Castle and the park we ensured everything a guest touches reflects an element of our sustainable efforts. We are pleased to invest in advanced engineering solutions which is a saving for the future when we consume 40% less energy. We capture rain water which flows through the castle grounds and with our geothermal energy heating system we rarely draw on the grid. Paints are beautiful and entirely chemical free. In the rooms beds are made up with natural linens, ecological soaps are sourced for refillable dispensers, and organic lotions are in the bathrooms.

Our beautiful biolake is naturally purified. Enjoy glorious free time in Vistaterra comfort, while treading gently on our earth. We welcome all to a rare place, to revive amidst nature’s pleasures. At Vistaterra things taste better, smell better, life is good.