The Castle

History, Recovery and Restoration

A place rich in history

Many elements suggest that at the beginning it was a strongholding house, probably it was only the house of a small armed escort and the pedagerius responsible for collecting the toll that had to pay the goods and the people in transit.

The project of transformation of the ancient “ricetto” or “casa forte” in residence was started in the sixteenth century by Alessio I (1545 – 1588) progenitor of the Seconds of San Martino di Parella.

But the seventeenth century is the most characteristic of the Castle. Conceived in the Renaissance, the Castle reflects the conditions of the time and gradually changes its function, becoming a place of rest enriched with elements that testify to the prestige of the family, while maintaining the original elements such as towers and drawbridges.

But this is only the beginning! If you want to find out more, book a guided tour on the weekend at 0125 19 371

A careful recovery

The Castle reopens in June 2017 to its former glory after the long and careful restoration that allowed the recovery of original structures, floors and materials. Where recovery has not been possible, local or national materials have been used, with the approval of the Superintendence for Architectural and Monumental Heritage of Piedmont. The original frescoes in the castle halls dating back to the 17th century have been recovered.

Where the new embraces the ancient

The innovative techniques used have allowed us to restore the historical and artistic heritage and at the same time to provide the structure with the most modern technological systems. We can define the castle as an “intelligent building”, all the systems can be controlled digitally, and are invisible at the same time to allow us today to enjoy frescoes, colors and materials from the different eras of the castle.

Naturally noble

The Parco Nobile has been completely renovated, trying to conserve as many original plants as possible. In this area we have established the dehor of the Bistrot cafe, to enjoy food and drink and spend pleasant moments in the countryside. On summer evenings we organize musical events, but also social moments, private dinners and aperitifs for groups of friends.
The Ninfeo is also the ideal place for outdoor events, from cocktails to wedding id ceremonies.