At Vistaterra we hold great store by one of the most valuable things we have: time

Relaxing in an elegant spa, pampered with beauty treatments surrounded by the green vegetation of the park and breathing the morning breeze among the trees. Every corner of Vistaterra becomes the perfect location for enjoying surprising emotions, having fun and at the same time looking after body and mind.

Wellbeing Centre And SPA

A temple dedicated to beauty, for relaxing, regenerating and enjoying massages and treatments for face and body, studied specifically to restore wellbeing and equilibrium, using techniques and bionatural products that are the results of new-gen research into care and beauty, while respecting the environment.

Opening: 2019

The Vistaterra Cosmetic Line

A range of new-gen products that embraces the pure energy of typical Piedmont plant extracts combined with innovative ingredients deriving from Green Biotechnologies, eco-sustainable, organic, pure and concentrated, effective even in small amounts, while respecting the skin and the environment.

Available soon in our Cosmetics Store